Preparing a Fireplan

Bushfire Plan

Please read the information on the NSW Rural Fire Service website on how to Plan and Prepare for the risk of bushfire: NSW RFS Plan and Prepare

It is important in our area to have a well prepared and well rehearsed bush fire survival plan.

  • Where would you go
  • What would you take with you
  • Is there more than one road out
  • What is important and would be difficult to replace
  • Is your property defendable
  • Do you have pets or farm animals

These and other questions can be answered by having a fire plan. A fire plan is not something you do when the smoke is drifting across your back yard.

The time for a plan is now!

The NSW RFS Plan and prepare webpage contains helpful information on preparing a fire plan and hence deciding whether you will go, or stay and defend your property.

The brigade can help with information and can provide you with a bush fire survival plan kit. The brigade can also provide assistance with designing a plan, at the monthly training sessions.

Call the training officer if you wish to attend a training session to pick up a kit and/or obtain assistance with your plan.

Can our trucks fit through your gate and under your trees?

In a bushfire, our big category 1 (Cat 1) tankers are used for house protection as they carry considerably more water than the smaller Cat 2s and 7s. A Cat 1 tanker is 2.4 metres wide, 7.5 metres long, needs at least 3.5 metres clearance in height (preferably 4 metres) and weighs 13.7 tonne. Its 17.5m turning circle makes it difficult to negotiate sharp corners or make U-turns.

Is your driveway too tight for us? Would overhanging/overgrown vegetation impede us? Can we get to the rear of your house? Are there any bridges or grids to cross and will they carry the weight? If not, are they marked accordingly? Is your property clearly identified and will we be able to enter? Please check the access to your property and prepare it as well as you can for our vehicles, in case you ever need them.