Lighting Fires

What to do if you want to light a fire

You are NOT permitted to light a fire in the open (except cooking fires) at any time of year unless you notify your neighbours, the local brigade (6100 6252) and the Yass Fire Control Centre (6226 3100) at least 24 hours prior to lighting the fire.
During the declared Bushfire Danger Period you must also first obtain a fire permit from your local brigade.
The Bushfire Danger Period is usually from the 1st October through to the 31st March, although that can be varied depending on the season.
To obtain a permit contact the brigade on 6100 6252. One of our trained fire permit officers will work with you on the conditions of your permit, and may also inspect the proposed burn site. Note that permits are automatically cancelled during a declared Total Fire Ban.
The Yass Fire Control Centre must be contacted on a business day.  As an alternative to calling the Yass Fire Control Centre you can fill out the form at the following website.
Substantial fines and prison terms of up to 12 months may apply to persons found to be in breach of The NSW Rural Fires Act 1997 and its regulations. Civil law suits can also be brought against persons responsible for fire.
Never leave a fire unattended. If a fire does escape it is essential to call Triple Zero (000) immediately so that Emergency Services can respond effectively to minimise any possible damage.

There is a useful guide on when you can light a fire available on our brigade website at:

and a handy guide on Standards for Pile Burns at:

Contact the brigade (6100 6252) if you wish to discuss lighting a fire, or obtaining a permit to light a fire during the fire danger period.