As of 1 September 2022 the RFS has adopted the Australian Fire Danger Rating System (AFDRS). The new road side AFDRS signs and information will use four levels of MODERATE, HIGH, EXTREME and CATASTROPHIC with linked action items. The signs are primarily for the use of the community.

The AFDRS also comprises the The Fire Behaviour Index (FBI) which is designed to support fire fighters. The FBI is a simple numerical scale that can be used consistently across Australia, allowing users to make decisions that require finer detail than the four Fire Danger Rating categories allow. See for more detail.

One of the important things to remember is that permit holders can only conduct an agricultural burn during the declared bush fire season if there is no fire rating on the day of the planned burn and for the following two days, that is less than Moderate. The current and forecast fire danger ratings can be checked via this link.

Pile burns can be lit during a Moderate rating but will still require a permit during the declared bush fire season.