The statutory Bush Fire Danger Period has now commenced, hence Fire Permits are required for burning activities. Permits are free and easily obtained by contacting the brigade on (02) 6100 6252 during business hours. Residents should request a Fire Permit at least three days in advance. They should prepare their property by removing flammable materials from around their home and assets, keeping lawns mown, clearing gutters of leaves, checking hoses and pumps are operable and review and update their fire plan.

Never leave a fire unattended and if a fire does escape, it is essential to call Triple Zero (000) immediately so that Emergency Services can respond effectively to minimise any possible damage. On days where the Fire Danger Rating is Very High or above, Fire Permits will be suspended for 24 hours and permit holders will be advised accordingly. On days of Total Fire Ban, no fires including gas BBQs are to be lit in the open.


Summer outlook: dryer than average for eastern Australia. However there is roughly equal chances of a wetter or drier than average February to April. Daytime temperature outlook: warmer than average for eastern Australia. Climate influences include a neutral El Niño in the Pacific Ocean, a neutral Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) and a neutral SAM (Southern Annular Mode) in the Southern Ocean which is a driver of the westerlies. In addition to the natural drivers such as ENSO and the IOD, Australian climate patterns are being influenced by the long-term increasing trend in global air and ocean temperatures. BOM


Lighting a Fire, Quick Facts (Click)

You are NOT permitted to light a fire in the open (except cooking fires) unless you notify; your neighbours, the local brigade (6100 6252) and the Yass Fire Control Centre (6226 3100) at least 24 hours prior to lighting the fire. The Yass FCC must be contacted on a business day.

During the declared Bushfire Danger Period you must obtain a permit from one of the brigade permit officers. The Bushfire Danger Period is usually from the 1st October through to the 31st March, although that can be varied depending on the season. Substantial fines and prison terms of up to 12 months may apply to persons found to be in breach of The NSW Rural Fires Act 1997 and its regulations. Civil law suits can also be brought against persons responsible for fire, by those seeking compensation, for losses sustained.

Permits are automatically cancelled during a declared Total Fire Ban.

Contact the brigade (6100 6252) if you wish to discuss lighting a fire, or obtaining a permit to light a fire during the fire danger period.


CALLOUTS: 2019 - 2020

Yass River attended an MVA in January. We also deployed a team to Tumut NSW in January and Victoria in March and attended an escaped pile-burn in April on Murrumbateman Rd. Members have also deployed to large fires in Northern NSW during Spring and numerous deployments to large fires in Southern NSW during this summer. This is ongoing.


Thank you to our sponsors for their continual support within our brigade. Their financial involvement helps ensure we keep our volunteers well equipped and provide a professional fire fighting service.

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